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No Hourly Fees

No Mileage Fees

No Hidden Surcharges


Premier Concierge Membership Fee - $99.99 per year + tax.***


Order Service Fee – A service fee of $4.99 + tax*** added to each order


For orders under $100 – a flat delivery fee of $9.99 + $5.00 for each extra stop + tax***


For orders $100 and over, 10% of the purchase price** + $5.00 for each extra stop + tax***


For prescription orders – a flat delivery fee of $10.00 for each extra stop + tax***. However, if the prescription is part of a larger order, the flat fee is waived and the prescription cost is not included in any fee computation as set forth above.


Home to home orders– a flat delivery fee of $10.00 + tax***) for each home to home delivery.


If we can’t find any of the items that you ordered at the shops you requested us to search - A flat search fee of $10.00 + $5.00 for each extra stop + tax***

*Does not include the cost of any goods purchased on the member’s behalf. Such costs will be added to the customer’s final bill.

**Includes goods purchased directly by the customer

***Lawrence members pay no sales tax on our fulfilment fees.

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