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Concierge Membership

Concierge Membership Program
Membership has its privileges –

20% off the fulfilment fees that non-members are charged*
Select and retain your own Personal Shopper (subject to
availability). Non-members are assigned the next Personal
Shopper up.

Priority in selecting delivery day and time. You go to the front
of the line. No cutting by non-members.
After hours ordering for same day delivery (if your store is still
open). 7pm cut off time for non-members excluding liquor
store pickups and deliveries.

Use your store customer number for savings (if store permits).
This savings opportunity is not available to non-members.
For Lawrence Members Only - We shop the Kansas City
Metro Area including Costco, Trader Joes, Whole Foods and
other specialty stores with next day delivery. This extended
shopping opportunity is not available to non-members.

For Our Albuquerque Members Living in Retirement
Communities – We offer a Carried Out Chauffeur and
Personal Assistance Package. Contact Nicole at (505) 592-

9015 for details. This package is not available to non-
*Excluding $5 fee for each additional stop.

Wow, our Concierge Program just got better! We are now
offering a free one month trial membership.
Like us and, depending upon what payment plan you have
selected , we extend your paid membership for another month
or 12 months (a baker’s dozen) . Decide it’s not for you and we cancel your membership and you owe us nothing.


We will send you an email before your free on month trial
membership expires. If you choose not to extend your
membership, just respond with “Cancel” in the Subject Line”
and we will cancel your membership and not bill your credit

Unlock your door to savings now! In response to COVID 19
and its impact on our economy, our Founders have decided to
limit our annual membership fees to $59.99 through 2021.
Free Trial Month

Just $10.00 + tax per month

Or our best deal, $59.99 + tax for a full 12 months of savings


per year 

or $10 per month + tax



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